Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department 14th Annual Co-Ed Softball Tournament Rules & Regulations 2019

Flagrant violation of any regulation or interpretation of such will result in individual and/or team suspension, which forfeits all rights, privileges and fees, etc.

Injuries to players, umpires, non-playing managers, coaches or sponsors, spectators or bystanders are not the liability of the Town of Pleasant View or the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department.

  1. Mandatory team representation at manager’s meeting.
  2. Team Roster and liability release must be turned in at manager’s meeting.
  3. Tournament fees must be paid before the bracket is finalized and official.
  4. The entry fee is $200.00 per team – no t-shirts supplied by the PVVFD.
  5. Double Elimination or Triple Game Guarantee will be determined with number of teams signed up to play in tournament.
  6. Teams must be ready to play 30 minutes before game time.
  7. Each team must submit a lineup to the official prior to the start of each game.
  8. Co-Ed Tournament – minimum of 10 players (7 male / 3 female) additional players allowed but must have equal numbers of opposite sex. Example: 8/4, 9/5, 10/6, etc. Teams can end with 9 players but at no time less than 9 players.
  9. Can bat up to 12 players, 20 players max on roster including coach/manager. Pick up players allowed only if team captains and umpires agree and player’s team has been eliminated from the tournament.
  10. Batting order must rotate – no consecutive female batters.
  11. Umpires and officials have authority over the tournament at all times to include players, manager and spectators.
  12. No protest will be accepted. Final ruling and interpretation of head umpire will stand as final decision.
  13. Coin toss by team managers prior to taking field determines home team.
  14. Batting team members must stay in dugout unless coaching, batting or on-deck.
  15. No designated hitters, 1 courtesy runner per inning and must be the same sex and last out. Free substitution on defense – same sex.
  16. Defense can play 10th player in the outfield only.
  17. 7 inning/45 minute time limit per game – hard stop on time unless tied or home team is batting. If extra innings are necessary, each team will begin their at-bat with 1 out and the last player out will be placed on second base.10 run mercy rule after 5 innings.
  18. 15 run mercy rule after 4 innings. 10 run mercy rule after 5 innings. Each batter comes to the plate with a 1 ball and 1 strike count. Batter is allowed 1 extra foul after the second strike. Next foul is an out.
  19. No lead offs – must stay on base until ball is hit.
  20. Ball is live until ump calls or signals time.
  21. Any production softball bat may be used.
  22. No bunting or intentional chop swings – automatic out.
  23. 3 homeruns allowed per game – additional homeruns may be purchased before and during the game. 6 additional HR purchased before game for $30. If no HR purchased, 4th HR and after is an out.
  24. Walk off HR allowed – no need to touch bases.
  25. Runners must slide to avoid collision at all times with fielder in possession of ball.
  26. HR counts if fair batted ball leaves the playing field, assisted or unassisted. If hits batting cage or scoreboard and bounces back into playing field, it is a HR since it left the playing field.
  27. Pitch arch – no less than 6’, no greater than 12’. Speed at umpire’s discretion.
  28. Males hit big ball (Chicago Ball) Females hit 12” ball.
  29. Zero tolerance for profanity on or off the field – this is your warning! Umpires may award outs or ejections for profanity use.
  30. Ejections will be per game, no substitution for ejected players, team must take OUT each time ejected player would come up in the batting order.
  31. No alcohol or intoxicating substances allowed in the park or parking areas. No player may play in an intoxicated condition. Immediate disqualification of the team from tournament!

One team cooler per dugout. Concession stands available with refreshments and food. No personal coolers in the park.