Address Markers

Will we be able to find you during an emergency?

The PVVFD offers reflective address markers for $25.00, which includes installation.

Having your address easily identifiable is extremely important in the event of an emergency, and can be the difference in life and death. The need to find the address to which we are responding is important to any emergency service (fire, police, and EMS).

In exchange for the nominal fee, our personnel will make your double-sided marker and install it on your mailbox, fence, or a post that we provide. Our only criteria for installation is that it is near the driveway to your home. Often, mailboxes may not be relatively close to the driveway, or they may be close to other driveways, which can result in confusion during an emergency response.

If you would like to order your marker online, follow the link provided at right. If you would like to speak to someone concerning a marker, feel free to call our office at
(615) 746-8528.

Enter your name, phone # & the address for your sign.