Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department provides a response to all-hazards, and is dedicated to the safety of the community it serves. 

The Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department (PVVFD) is proud of their commitment to fire and life safety. Although the number of lives we save cannot be tracked, we know our programs continue to make a difference. The Fire Department is able to reach over 3,000 students in the month of October for Fire Prevention Month. We are dedicated to the well-being of our communities in which we serve. We believe that even one life lost is too many.


  • Emergency Response 
  • Free Smoke Alarm Installation and Inspections
    • PVVFD offers free smoke alarm installations for those who live within the response district of PVVFD.
    • Every bedroom, outside of every sleeping area, and on every floor, there shall be a smoke alarm properly installed. 
    • Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years and should be inspected 2 times every year. 
    • If you have a smoke alarm not working, we can send our trained personnel to come to inspect the smoke alarm for free. 
  • Car Seat Installation
    • Did you know – 73% of car seats are not used or installed correctly, so before you hit the road, check your car seat. If you are having even the slightest trouble, questions or concerns, a certified child passenger safety technician is able to help or even double check your work. Learn how to install your car seat for free at the PVVFD Administration Office. Correctly used child safety seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71%. Make an appointment today to ensure your child safety seat is installed properly! In need of a car seat? The PVVFD also will provide seats to those in need for absolutely free.
  • Address Markers
    • The PVVFD offers reflective address markers for $25.00, which includes installation. Having your address easily identifiable is extremely important in the event of an emergency, and can be the difference in life and death. The need to find the address to which we are responding is important to any emergency service (fire, police, and EMS). In exchange for the nominal fee, our personnel will make your double-sided marker and install it on your mailbox, fence, or a post that we provide. Our only criteria for installation is that it is near the driveway to your home. Often, mailboxes may not be relatively close to the driveway, or they may be close to other driveways, which can result in confusion during an emergency response. 

PVVFD offers many forms of Fire Prevention, they include…

  • Fire Safety Trailer Demonstration Unit
    • The Fire Safety House was awarded to the PVVFD from a Federal Grant. We have had this for over 10 years and many of the elementary school children are familiar with this equipment. The Fire Safety House is used at all of the elementary schools throughout the PVVFD District. Each student has the opportunity to go inside and learn about fire and life safety. While inside the Safety House we teach the students about a few different topics. Some examples are: smoke alarms, crawl low under smoke, safe meeting place, and get out and stay out.
  • Fire Sprinkler Demonstration Unit
    • The Fire Sprinkler Trainer was awarded to the PVVFD from a Federal Grant. The Fire Sprinkler Trainer is not only used all around the county, but it is used State-wide and has even traveled to different states to demonstrate the benefit of residential and commercial Fire Sprinklers. The PVVFD makes sure that the Middle Schools in the district are able to see the demonstration of Fire Sprinklers. This trainer also is used at different community events and has been taken to different businesses as well. Fire Sprinklers Save Lives! 
  • Firefighter Joe and Patches
    • Meet Firefighters Joe, Patches, and their Pumper! If you have a child who has been through our fire prevention program – they know exactly who Joe and Patches are! Joe and Patches were awarded to the PVVFD from a Federal Grant. We have had Patches for over 10 years, and Joe is his new firefighter friend. The students love them and we can’t have a prevention program without their help. Joe and Patches are robots, who can talk with the students. They will drive around in their Fire Truck, flash his lights, turn on the sirens, and on a warm day even spray some water! We love Joe and Patches and the students do too! 
  • Smoke Alarm Inspections and Installations
    • It is of the utmost importance for each home in our district to have working and properly placed smoke alarms. Roughly 2 out of 3 fire deaths happen in homes with no working smoke alarms. It is our goal to have smoke alarms in each home throughout the PVVFD district. If your home does not have smoke alarms, you need more alarms, or you need batteries replaced in your alarms please contact the PVVFD as soon as possible! 
  • Severe Weather Safety Education
    • Severe weather season can bring frightening storms, incredible damage and change lives in the blink of an eye. Many families do not practice for a severe storm and can be blind-sided by the side effects. The education provided by this tool is vital. We would love for your community group to join us and receive this life-saving education. 
  • Station Tours
    • You’ve driven by our station a thousand times, but never been inside… Stop on by to check it out and see the fire trucks! Better yet – schedule a station tour with a group and make a day out of it! The firefighters would love to show you the gear, apparatus, and around the station! Station Tours make a great outing for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Church Groups. Our most common station tours occur at Station 1 on Main St in Pleasant View and at Station 5 on Old Coopertown Rd in Robertson County. 
  • CPR 4 Life
    • PVVFD offers two different types of CPR certification classes open to the public.
      • American Heart Association CPR / AED for Families & Friends – This course is approximately four hours in length and is designed for the layperson. There is no written test; however, a course completion card is issued for attending the class.
      • American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR / AED – This course is approximately four hours in length and is designed for the professional healthcare provider. This course covers infant, child, and adult CPR, foreign airway obstruction, and AED use. There is a multiple choice pre- and post-test. After successfully completing the course with a score of 88% or better, the student is given a certificate good for two years.